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Caffeinated Creatures

Caffeinated Creatures is a collection of 2,222 NFTs which provide their holder with lifetime access to a growing library of content, a large pool of connections, and the potential to tap into the capital you need to take your business to the next level. Each Caffeinated Creature is unique, with varying levels of rarity, and will be stored as an ERC-721A token on the Ethereum blockchain.

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The Arrival of Caffeinated Creatures

Creatures from a distant planet have arrived to do business with humans in exchange for their $Caffeine, one of the most prized substances in existence.

Caffeinated Creatures generate daily $Caffeine to help build out their library of knowledge and influence with the goal of becoming the savviest experts in the universe. They believe, in life, it's about "Who You Know" and "What You Know" and they are willing to spend their $Caffeine to improve that knowledge.

There are 2,222 of these Caffeinated Creatures with varying degrees of rarity. Each of which contain a unique, one of a kind look that is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain and grants their holder lifetime access to everything.

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Instant Access to Content

Courses, Q&A's, Workshops, Caffeinated Docuseries, Private Podcast Interviews, and more. Courses and content are already available and more is being continually added, so as soon as the project mints, you'll have immediate access to content! All the content chosen through the Coffee Shop will be created, edited, and stored here. Which means the library is always growing in value. Our vision with this project is to make the library and project at large so valuable and constantly evolving that new holders will not want to sell at any price.


$Caffeine is the fuel for all things that the Creatures need. Each day the Caffeinated Creatures generate this fuel to be used as an off-chain token inside the dashboard. It allows everything from participating in live virtual training sessions, deciding on what content to learn more about, what businesses should make it into the Caff Tank, and more. $Caffeine is generated daily and the more Caffeinated Creatures you own, the more $Caffeine you can collect!

Coffee Shop

This is where you can spend the $Caffeine that you've collected. Vote on the content you want to learn, attend a virtual event, gamify your existing $Caffeine, and more! If you don't see the content you want, you can even spend your $Caffeine on a topic suggestion to turn it into a Q&A, Workshop, or an entire Course - and get the exact content you want to learn about. While we can never guarantee a specific speaker, we will always guarantee the topic chosen, and will always listen to the input of the community on who to get when possible.

Caff Pad

The Caff Pad is where you will be able to find, and gain access to, scheduled events with coaches, instructors, and everything else that will be occuring live. New events will be posted in the Caff Pad periodically with a description of the event and the scheduled start and end time. Keep in mind that many of the events in the Caff Pad are likely to have limited availability and will require $Caffeine in order to purchase a "Caff Pass" to attend live! All scheduled events will be recorded and available in the content library post editing, allowing you to attend the events that matter most to you and catch up on everything else on your own timeline.

Our Collection

This is just a small sampling of the Caffeinated Creatures collection! While their ultimate utilty is unlimited access to the Caffeinated Creatures dashboard, the artwork is not to be overlooked. All 2,222 NFTs will be randomly generated (excluding the coveted Legendary NFTs hidden somewhere in the mix), giving each holder a 100% unique and impressive Caffeinated Creature!

Meet The Team

  • Ben - Founder
    Business Owner/Podcast Host/Ex-Trader
    (His energy drinks are illegal in 27 states)
  • Hunter - Developer
    Business Owner/Web3 Developer/Web2 Developer
    (Built the entire dashboard without using the spacebar due to the iced coffee spill disaster of '22)
  • Tom - Artist
    Business Owner/Ex-Disney and Countless Other Studios
    (Once spent 3 days inside a roasterie so he could smell colors)
  • James - Marketing
    Twitter Master/Networking Genius/Digital Nomad
    (His cappuccino machine costs more than your house)
  • Jake - Discord Manager
    Discord/Communities/Hack Preventer Extraordinaire
    (He chases his energy drinks with a coffee)
  • Zane - Community Manager
    Networker/Community Builder/Life of the Party
    (His monthly latte bill is mid four-figures)
  • Caleb - Advisor
    Business Owner/Web3 Mastermine/Reality Checker
    (He likes his coffee so dark it blocks out sunlight)
  • Jasmine - Web2 Collab Manager
    Networker/Talent Scout/Day One Connections
    (Once drank an energy drink and made 472 connections that day just to prove to herself she could)
  • Adit - Advisor
    Web3 Genius/Social Media Master
    (He prefers to drink coffee with his coffee)
  • Shariq - Advisor
    Business Owner/Ex-Nasa/Pitch Master
    (He taught a major coffee chain to offer grande instead of large drinks, so that they could charge more for them being exotic)
  • Stepan - Intern
    Go Getter/Learning on the Job/Future Mod
    (He worked at a coffee shop for the free lids)
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